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Types of Meals

  • A Main Meal is going to be a cleaner approach to healthy eating, consisting of meals made from the variety of proteins, carbs and veggies we offer. Main meals include: A fresh, healthy blend of protein, carb and vegetable. Proteins include Lean Meats, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Steak, Fish or Eggs. The protein, carbs and vegetables are portioned based off which plan you choose!

  • A Boost Meal is a more flexible approach to healthy eating, that we provide to have a more easily eaten "on the go" option. Boost meals include: Pulled Pork Wrap, Chicken Salad Wrap, Chicken/ Steak Quesadilla, Flatbreads, and Salads. The protein is portioned based off which plan you choose, and the carb is the tortilla we use!

  • A breakfast meal will be our approach to clean, flexible eating with a traditional homestyle breakfast (Made the healthy way), A breakfast wrap, Protein pancakes and Protein waffles!

  • 1) Peanut Butter Protein bars (15G Pro, 20G Carb, 10G Fat) $4 (Plus tax)

    2) Cruncy Protein Granola Bar (17G Pro, 35G Carb, 7G Fat) $4 (Plus tax)


(Nutr. val. per oz) Cal Fat Protein Carb
Chicken Breast 35 1.4g 5.3g 0g
Inside Round Steak 37 1g 7g 0g
Ground Turkey 42 2g 6g 0g
Ground Beef 37 2g 5g 0g
Beef Briskey 37 2g 5g 0g
Sausage 88 8g 3g 0g
Tilapia 38 2g 5g 5g
Salmon 45 3g 6g 0g
Porkloin 33 1g 6g 0g
Pulled Pork 53 3g 5g 0g
Ball-Tip Steak 30 1.8g 6g 0g
Egg 56 4g 4g 0g

*Available for customization at checkout.


(Nutr. val. per oz) Cal Fat Protein Carb
White Rice 37 0g 1g 8g
Brown Rice 31 0g 1g 7g
Yellow Rice 37 0g 1g 8g
Red Potato 25 0g 1g 5g
Sweet Potato 26 0g 1g 6g
Sweet Potato Fry 47 1g 1g 8g
Quinoa 34 1g 4g 18g
Black Bean 23 0g 2g 5g
Kidney Bean 96 0g 7g 16g
Garbonzo Bean 28 0g 2g 5g
Baked Beans 43 1g 2g 6g
Pinto Beans 41 0g 3g 5g
Purple Potato 23 0g 1g 5g
Hummus 28 1.28g 0.73g 3.02g
Rice Noodle 31 0g 0g 7g
Sweet Potato Noodle 70 0g 0g 17g

*Available for customization at checkout.


(Nutr. val. per oz) Cal Fat Protein Carb
Broccoli 10 0g 0.8g 1.88g
Green Beans 9 0g 1g 2g
Brussels 12 0g 0.96g 2.54g
Carrots 10 0g 0.18g 2.34g
Corn 24 0.33g 0.91g 5.39g
Onion 12 0g 0.26g 2.87g
Asparagus 6 0g 1g 1g
Zucchini 5 0g 0g 1g
Yellow Squash 4 0g 0.33g 0.9g
Green & Red Peppers 6 0g 0.23g 1.39g
Spinach 11 0g 0.82g 1g
Tomato 5 0g 0.25g 1.11g
Cucumbers 4 0g 0.18g 1g
Kohlrabi 8 0g 0.48g 1.76g

*Available for customization at checkout.



-Meals are delivered Mondays and Thursdays - by 11AM at the latest.

(Example Order: 2 Meals a day/5 Days a week =10 total = 6 Monday, 4 Thursday)

-Meals left in the fridge by the next delivery day will be taken out to ensure space and quality.

-Reoccurring billing occurs Fridays.

-Request account changes by 5PM Thursdays. Email team@superfitfoods.co

Need to skip a week or two? Email the Team the date of the Monday you would like to resume.

Need to change your preferences? Email the Team what items you Do Not want.

Need to Upgrade/Downgrade your order? Email the Team and we will adjust it for you!

(Microwaves vary. Recommended Heating time 90 - 120 seconds.)