How Superfit Foods Works

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How does the pricing work?

Our meals range from $6 to $9.25 per meal based off of which meal plan, and how many meals you purchase.

When are meals delivered?

On Monday’s and Thursday’s by 11AM. Please reference the locations page for your pick-up spots information!

How do I cancel, or freeze?

Email by Thursday at 5PM!

How do I change my plan, or preferences?

Email by Thursday at 5PM!

Do you have a menu?

Since we are fully customizable, we prepare an individualized menu based off of your preferences, that you can select during the ordering process!

What if I have allergies?

Please either select “no” next to any item you are allergic to, and/or leave notes in the notes section during check out!

What do you do with the containers?

Whatever you want! They are recyclable and reusable, so either clean them and keep them, or donate them locally!

Why aren’t there labels?

Because we are fully customizable, there are potentially over 7,000 items we can create based off the items on our menu list. Taking into consideration that we allow our customers to make changes up to Thursday at 5PM (less than 12 hours from when we bill and order product), it is virtually impossible to create the mass variety of labels that would be necessary for the volume of orders we create. We had to make a decision between being customizable or having labels, and we think we chose the more user friendly choice!

When and where did you start Superfit Foods?

May of 2015 in Lakeland, FL.

What are the macros on your meals?

Our macronutrient densities are explained on the home page as well as the meal plan page! If you’d like to know the grams, considering that varies with the different macronutrient (protein, carb, veggie), our recommendation is to use an accurate nutrition application from your smartphone.

Is there a contract?

Our meal plans are week to week! All we ask is that you submit your cancellation by Thursday at 5PM prior to billing, and/or let us know in your notes if you’d only like to do 1 week.

How do I become a Pick Up Spot?

Email us at with any information on your potential pick up location, and we will reach out ASAP!

Do we accommodate specific diets (such as Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whole 30, Etc.)?

YES! We are fully customizable, so either select “no” next to anything you don’t want, and/or leave your notes in the notes section.

Is there a discount for referring anyone?

YES! We apply 10% off for the following week on your account, after you refer someone and they put your name in the referral selection!

Is there a signup fee?

Absolutely not! We only charge you for the meals you want. ( :

Do you ship nationwide?

As of the moment, we don’t! Our main focus is on our local impact and community, in the Central and North Florida area. That is not to say we won’t in the future, so follow us on social media to stay informed!

Do you do work or home delivery?

We do not! In order to provide free and convenient delivery, we partner up with local pick up locations and put a commercial fridge in there to hold your meals.

What are your plans for growth and expansion?

By 2018, we plan to grow into Melbourne, St. Augustine, Orlando and Tampa!